Date of this revision : 26 May 2017

footballcrazy (version 0.3)

This third release has the following extra features :

  • New Branding and Logo
  • InGame Chat
  • Online Shop

New Branding and Logo – Our new logo consists of a shield with a lion in the centre and a football underneath. The colours are red and gold.

InGame Chat – This is a rework of the GameZone from version 0.1. Regular high-profile games are created weekly for comments, posts, and opinions.

Online Shop – We have opened our online shop with 3 ranges (Diego, Rivaldo, and Leo) of men’s polo shirts in S,M,L,XL,XXL. Payment can only be made by PayPal at this stage.


TeamZone – The top level teams from the following leagues have been added :
– Bundesliga (Germany)
– Ligue 1 (France)



Date of this revision : 30 April 2017

footballcrazy (version 0.2)

This second release has the following extra features :

  • NewsFeed under the Timeline
  • VideoZone
  • PlayerZone
  • MarketZone

NewsFeed – All the latest football news, transfer rumours, analysis and match reports from

VideoZone – A weekly roundup of video highlights from
– La Liga (Spain)
– Ligue 1 (France)
– Serie A (Italy)
– UEFA Champions League
– English FA Cup

PlayerZone – The opportunity to chat, post or blog about any football player, whether past or present. If there isn’t a forum for the player you wish to comment about, then you may add one.

MarketZone – This is a forum where anyone can post requests for items that they may wish to buy or sell. It is free to post adverts on this forum. If you wish to respond, then it may be best to private message the opposite party via this website.


TeamZone – The top level teams from the following leagues have been added :
– La Liga (Spain)
– Serie A (Italy)

We have also attempted to improve the search engine indexing, and also to speed up the loading of pages on the site.



Date of this revision : 03 April 2017

footballcrazy (version 0.1)

This initial release has the following basic features :

  • Timeline
  • TeamZone
  • GameZone
  • MemberZone
  • StatZone
  • Shop

Timeline – This is a chronological history of all activity on the website, the most recent activities being at the very top.
TeamZone – Currently this zone contains groups and forums for the professional leagues in England (Premier League, Championship, League 1,League 2). The eastern conference of the MLS in the USA is also catered for. If you wish to post your thoughts and comments about any of these teams, please feel free. However, you should note that you may have to actually join the group in which you wish to post BEFORE you actually submit your posts.
GameZone – This zone contains forums of recent top-level games and also forums set up for top-level games. Please feel free to create your own forums and start pposting your comments about the games in which you are interested.
MemberZone – This is a list of registered members on the website.
StatZone – At the moment this is a feature that contains Results, Fixtures and the League Tables for the top-level football leagues in the following countries –


SHOP – This is merely a placeholder for our e-commerce shop that is going to be launched/released later in the year. The shop will hold a roange opf merchandise including, polo shirts, t-shirts, fleeces, jackets, baseball caps, etc.