Oxlade Chamberlain has taken a huge potential pay cut to join Liverpool

So after turning down a new contract at Arsenal before then turning down an offer from Chelsea the Ox has now got the move that he was after and will join Liverpool later today.

Know one can blame him for wanting to jump ship from Arsenal, he has never been given the run of games that his talent deserves and Arsene Wenger has failed to transition him from a bit part player to a key performer so it was no surprise that better teams than Arsenal have come in for a move for the Ox,

In a desperate last attempt to keep him Arsenal offered the Ox and incredible £180,000 a week to sign a contract extention so when he turned it down it was clear his mind was made up.On Monday the Ox also turned down a move to Chelsea insisting he wanted to play central midfield and not at wing back which is where Conte planned for him to play.

Thankfully for the 24 year old Liverpool then made a £40M bid for him and offered to play him center midfield. If the medical goes to plan he will sign a 5 year contract worth £120,000 a week which is considerably lower than what he could have earned elsewhere.

So after a hectic couple of day following this transfer Ox should now finally sign for Liverpool, and join the rest of Liverpool’s ex Southampton players.