Liverpool have £55M bid rejected – Immediately bid £65M

Hours after Liverpool humiliated Arsenal in a 4-0 drubbing news broke that they had also made a £55M bid to land long term Arsenal target Thomas Lamar. The bid was immediately rejected with Monaco giving the same response to Liverpool that they have given to Arsenal which is that the 21 year old winger is not for sale.

However, this hasn’t put Liverpool off. Buoyed by the their impressive performances against Hoffenhiem and Arsenal this week Liverpool are confident that Lamar will be keen on the move and that a deal can be reached before Thursdays deadline. Nearly as soon as the bid was rejected Liverpool increased the bid by a cool £11M to £66M to which they are waiting to hear back from.

All of this happened whilst Liverpool were announcing that they have a deal in place with RB Leipzig that will see Naby Keita join Liverpool on July 1st 2018. This was after Liverpool learned that Keita has a £48M release clause that comes into effect on July 1st 2018. Liverpool have also paid RB Leipzig an undisclosed fee for allowing them to make the deal in advance.

The big question that this sudden surge of signings creates is are Liverpool pre planning for life without Coutinho. It could be they want to buy the replacements for Coutinho before the sale to avoid the situation that Barcelona got in to where teams like Dortmund asked for £135M for Dembele because they knew Barca could afford it due to the Neymar sale.