Is this the end of player power?

Virgil Van Diik, Phillpe Coutinho and Riyad Mahrez have all taken the usual steps to what a couple of years ago would guarantee them a move away. The first step is to leak that you’re unhappy with the clubs lack of ambition to someone in the media, then drop a few more hints to a foreign t.v channel, then comes the transfer request and if that doesn’t work you go full Diego Costa and refuse to train.

Although Van Diik, Coutinho and Sanchez haven’t refused to train they are all working to try and engineer a move away from their current clubs. But with there clubs digging their heals in and refusing to sell the want away stars are coming to the reality that they might be made to honor their contract. *sighs of disbelief*

The biggest factor that has changed the status quo between player power vs club power is the increased TV revenue that clubs now receive. In seasons gone for clubs like Southampton a huge part of their revenue was from selling players yet now they can quite comfortably sit back and tell Liverpool that they don’t need the money.

For many this shift away from player power is something to be welcomed especially after the cases like Dimitri Payet last season. It had become common for players to sign 5 or 6 year contracts often without a buyout clause and one year into it have no intention of honoring the contract. Hopefully now that clubs are able to turn down such large amounts of money smaller clubs will be able to keep their best players and not surrender to the pressure of bigger clubs.