Does Defense or Attack win you the Premier League?

Going into the new Premier League season their is a consensus that a number of sides will be battling it out for the Premier League. Most are agreed on who the top seven will be but there is far less agreement on what the order will be and which teams will make into into next seasons UCL qualifying places. Of course there are a number of factors that contribute towards where a team finishes and we are still in August with the transfer window wide open.

Perhaps the best way to analyze where a team might finish is too look at the strength of their attack and defense and to see which is more important to mount a title challenge. A strong defense or a blistering attack.

Over the previous 8 Premier League seasons the team that has won the league has on average finished finished 1.5 so either first or second for goals scored compared to 2.5 (second or third) for goals conceded. What this tells us is that you need a strong defense and attack but generally if you want to win the league you need to the leagues top scorers.

In the last 8 seasons there has only been one occasion where the team that has won the league has had both the leagues best defense and attack. Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City and Tottenham all love to attack and will score plenty of goals, so this years title might just go to the team that can keep it tightest at the back whilst still having that attacking flare.