Add Your Team

Date of this revision : 14 June 2017

footballcrazy is a free-to-use UK-based football (soccer) social media networking and discussion platform.

We’d love to hear from you ! We’d be very happy to add ANY team that has a presence and is registered with a football organisation or association. We’ll also add ANY team from any country and any language, no matter how small the team is. Our objective is to enable our site to be a voice for ANY team that plays football in a league. We hope to hear from you soon. If you’d like us to add your team to our groups and discussion forums, please email us at with “ADD MY TEAM” in the subject line and please supply us with the following information :

– Your official team name
– The home ground your team plays at
– The town/city where your team can be found
– The year in which your team was established
– An image or photo of your team’s official logo or crest (400 x 400 or greater)
– An image or photo of your team’s ground (1050 x 400 or greater)

This is free – so take advantage of adding your team and having a forum where you can chat and communicate with your team mates and display the progress and activities of your team. When your group is up and running, you can add photos, results, comments, videos, etc. to promote your team. Why not join in the fun ?